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The Writing Academy Membership Subscription

Have you ever wished you had weekly support for teaching WRITING?

Imagine receiving a writing lesson, an editing/revision lesson, AND an InterActivity every, single week!

 Wish no more!  The Writing Academy Subscription is your answer!


Now imagine if all of this can be YOURS for only $9.99 a month!


Each subscription is grade level specific and accompanies each grade level curriculum guide (daily lesson plans).  It is not necessary to have a curriculum guide to have the subscription; however, the subscription does follow the guide and is correlated to the ELAR TEKS.

With the vertically aligned subscription, you will receive: lessons, activities, games, videos, PowerPoint shows, Conference Bundles, rubrics, station games/activities, and even parent communication letters that are specific to the grade level you teach!

Even better than all of that…….everything is in FULL COLOR!!!!

You have the option of printing activities in color or in black and white.

 All of this is possible with the differentiated lessons contained within the subscription!

 Use the subscription goodies that you receive each week in all the following ways: to challenge your GT students, reteach concepts with your strugglers, have interactive activities for a Literacy Night at your school, engage students in tutorials, create fun stations for concept emphasis, and teach whole group lessons via PowerPoint.

Subscriptions begin June 21, 2017.  Each Wednesday, at the Mezzanine Level ($9.99), new information will be posted, and teachers will receive 3 items: 1 writing lesson, 1 editing/revision lesson, and 1 InterActivity (PowerPoint shows, station games, parent letters, videos, rubrics, and graphic organizers).  Be prepared to fill up a 4-inch binder by the end of the year!

 Subscriptions renew monthly and will contain completely new lessons/activities each school year.  Archived weeks may also be purchased if you missed any at the time you subscribe.  Lessons will run all the way through the summer!  Get ahead by starting in the summer!

 A typical 4th grade subscription at the Mezzanine Level ($9.99) contains all of the following over the course of a year:

  • 46 writing lessons
  • 46 editing/revision lessons
  • 9 PowerPoint shows
  • 3 parent communication letters
  • 2 videos
  • 3 Rubrics/Status Reports
  • 9 Full-color Station Games
  • 6 Full-color Small Group Station Activities
  • 1 Student-Teacher Conference Bundle
  • 1 Progression Portfolio Bundle
  • Members-Only Forums

 You can even UPGRADE your subscription to include email support and paper-grading services.

Club Level: $12.99 lets you enjoy all of the contents contained with the Mezzanine level, plus email support and the opportunity to send in 6 papers four times a year (September, October, November, and January) for assessment.  You will receive a holistic score for each paper.  This will allow for you to have a second set of eyes grading your students’ paper. This service is available at all grade levels K-5.

 Suite Level: $14.99 lets you enjoy all of the contents contained with the Mezzanine level, plus email support and the opportunity to send in 12 papers four times a year (September, October, November, and January) for assessment.  You will receive an itemized holistic score with the attached rubric for each paper.  You will also receive an overview analysis for the great things your students are showing in their writing and an analysis for the areas where they need improvement.  This will allow for you to have a second set of eyes grading your students’ paper, as well as detailed feedback to share with your students, horizontal and vertical teams, administration, and parents.  This service is available at all grade levels K-5.

 Site Licenses are available for all three of the Teacher Levels mentioned above.  The more teachers who subscribe, the deeper the discounts!  Join with your entire school to be vertically aligned in writing as you all receive NEW information to talk about each week!

 Parent Pack Subscription:  $4.99 per child grants access to that student to have a weekly game/activity accessible to them.  The unique and beneficial aspect of this angle of reaching the students is to elicit additional parental involvement and to accomplish classroom goals by FRONTLOADING.  Frontloading is the belief that parents who want to help their children get ahead in the classroom will have access to a game or activity which addresses a concept BEFORE it has been addressed in the classroom.  This enables students to have prior knowledge when the teachers asks who knows anything about………?  Although previous weeks’ activities can also serve as review and reteaching tools, the main goal is to approach the home connection a little differently.  Provide parents with the opportunity to introduce ideas to their children first.  The concept of “help them get ahead, before you have to help them catch up” is quite appealing to parents.  It takes the stigma off the family that the only reason they have to do extra work at home is because their child is struggling.  At this time, Parent Pack Subscriptions are only available for Fourth Grade Students.  This subscription runs September – May.

 Site Licenses are available for the Parent Pack Subscriptions if your school wants your entire Fourth Grade Student Body to have weekly access to FRONTLOADED, writing games/activities which introduce new ideas.  Site licenses for the Parent Pack are $2.99 per student/per month for nine (9) months.

 More information will be coming soon!!


*** WE GO LIVE ON JUNE 21, 2017!!! ***

If you would like to receive an email update letting you know when the subscription service is available to register for, please send an email to to get on our list.


Happy writing is accomplished through energetic teachers, excellent curriculum, curriculum support, and parental involvement….The Writing Academy proudly accomplishes this through Full-Circle Writing!  Enjoy.

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